Eversion n.
1. The act of turning inside out.
2. The condition of being turned inside out.

A site-specific installation at the Monash University Student Gallery. It incorporated a body of work that began with an architectural intervention and ended with a display of objects and performance. A single brick was removed from the facade of the gallery and taken to brick foundry in Hoppers Crossing, where it was crushed in a classic stress-test, applied to all bricks produced for construction. This compression test was displayed on video as a part of the exhibition, as well as the statistics sheet with the records of forces involved in the compression. The brick specimen was then reformed into a sphere.

As a reciprocal action to the dry quality of the empirical information of the test, a video was created inside the gallery space, featuring a figure covered in black brick fragments, like that of the gallery facade. The figure enacts a simple action, beginning inside the adjacent storeroom of the gallery as if spawned from there, then trudges inside to place a brick sphere onto the floor of the space, an offering of its own material in a basic rational unit of the sphere.