Standard Models I was made with the Singapore Aeromedical Centre- the land-based training facility for the Singapore national air force.
The resulting work had me perform a Centrifugal G-Force run, where the body is tested against a high-onset of gravitational force.
A fixed camera monitored the gradual physical effects of G-Forces in the face as the centrifuge simulates the spacecraft action of liftoff.
The video documents an anti-performance where the face is a mask for the body.
Entering the exhibition at Place Gallery, the audience passed through a revolving wall that was built into the gallery’s existing architecture.

Petras’ work Standard Models I comprises a constructed section of wall made to fit a fabricated or pre-existing architectural opening that splits a gallery space.
The constructed wall section is fixed to the ceiling by a central pivot with a motor that propels the ‘wall’ to spin slowly in a clockwise rotation that calls to mind
office foyer revolving doors and push panel access to hidden rooms. In the work’s only previous iteration (at Place Gallery, Richmond), I specifically recall,
at the exhibition preview, an utterly surreal feeling generated by the moment when ‘door’ became ‘wall’.

The two galleries, full of their respective groups of chatting patrons were completely sealed apart; visually, spatially and also, perhaps most unexpectedly,
sonically, only to be reconnected moments later as the wall continued its arc around its own axis. It’s capacity to at once fill, by its actual physical size
and weight, empty, by its blankness and its 'institutional-ness', divide, by its location in-between spaces, and, at moments, wholly obliterate the gallery space,
is arresting. The work performs a paradoxical action of opening and closing in one continuous sweeping motion.

David Egan on Standard Models I, 2013